February 28, 2017



Hello, I’m Danell and if we haven’t met before, I am a Lifestyle Photographer. What that means to me is that rather than having you stand in front of  my camera in a perfect “all eyes on me, plastic smiles everyone together, one, two three!” pose, I want to capture your family’s essence.

While talking with Adrienne about planning her family’s session one of the first questions I asked her  was, “What does your family do for fun. What are the special things you do together?” She answered that she and Charlotte liked to bake cookies together. I also remembered from prior conversations that her hubby was a former rock star from a Seattle-based garage band in the early 2000’s. Right then and there I had the vision for their session. I asked Adrienne to bake a batch of cookies with little miss C to bring to the session and of course we would have to have Dad play his guitar!

Adrienne’s next questions for me were ones I get asked all the time, “What do we wear? What should I bring?” Here’s my secret when it comes to planning sessions…are you ready? Think about reality and then EXAGGERATE IT. Here’s my train of thought, baking cookies makes me think about classic 1950’s Leave it to Beaver families which makes me think about classic vintage prints, like gingham and polkadots, perfect! Dad should dress up a bit and sport a tie…. does he always wear a tie when he hangs with the family? No, but in the spirit of amplification, I suggest taking everything to the next level so yes to the tie, yes to the dress, YES to the FLOWER CROWN!

The same rules apply to props if you are thinking of incorporating them into your session, think of what your normal looks like and pump it up one notch for the photography session. Adrienne nailed it with vintage inspired glass milk jars, paper straws and beautiful flowers. 

If you are inspired by this session contact me and we can start planning yours! xoxo Danell

La Belle Bella Wedding and Lifestyle Photography, Family and Child Photographer based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Covering all of East Anglia (Norfolk + Suffolk UK Photographer) and the Inland Northwest 


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