October 14, 2016

Unicorn Birthday Party || Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Deep in the heart of Unicornia lives a little girl named Bella. Bella loves unicorns and everything magical. So, when it was time for her Mommy and Daddy to plan her 5th Birthday Party it was crystal clear that the only suitable party theme for their little princess was a Unicorn Party!

As we all do, I started my party planning by doing a Pinterest search and found my inspiration from this Vintage Unicorn Birthday Party. We made it our own by pumping up the glam factor and adding a pinch of Inland Northwest charm.

For me, successful kids birthday parties are less about the free play and more about a fun, quick-paced agenda of activities. The party started outside with individual bottles of “unicorn dust” (aka gold glitter) and I let the kids’ imaginations soar with how to use their very special unicorn dust! I should put in a warning here, we had glitter EVERYWHERE and for at least a month Bella had gold glitter in her hair… but I personally loved it and would like nothing more than everything covered in glitter all the time!

Next we left shoes at the door, shook off loose glitter and moved inside to make unicorn horns. We used 12×12 patterned scrapbooking paper rolled into a cone and held together with glue dots to make the horn and then decorated them to our hearts desire with fancy stickers. We used a hole punch and ribbon to fasten the horns to our heads and then took a few minutes to play unicorn, Moms and Dads were encouraged to join in on the fun! Next we had a snack break and dove into the table of sweets and birthday cake.

Then, buzzing on a sugar rush bounded outside for rainbow hair painting (becuase we know unicorns have rainbow hair), a game of Pin the Horn on the Unicorn and then moved on to a Unicorn Piñata Smash. We gave the kiddos their favor bag, each containing their very own glam glitter unicorn, to collect their candy. 

We ended the party with the story “Millie & Mudgy” by Susan Nipp and then headed to town to walk the Millie and Mudgy trail in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

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(list of supplies and vendors at the bottom of the post)


-Vendors and Party Supplies-

White Fringe Curtains- Amazon.com
Gold Stars- amazon.com
Round Party Fans- amazon.com
Tissue Paper Poms- amazon.com
Paper Straws- amazon.com
Unicorn Cookie Cutter- amazon.com
Rose gold Table Runner- amazon.com
Cake Stand- World Market
Unicorn Napkins- World Market
Unicorn Piñata- World Market
Unicorn Clips- World Market
Unicorns + Table Decor- World Market Christmas Ornaments
BELLA Letters- Hobby Lobby
Unicorn Heads- I free handed them and cut them out of gold glitter poster board from Hobby Lobby
Pin the Horn- I free handed unicorn without horn on white glitter poster board from Hobby Lobby





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