April 5, 2017

Daddy Daughter Dance || Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer Based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and Couer d’Alene, Idaho


Daddy Daughter Dances are a cherished tradition in our family. Each year the date of the dance is an eagerly anticipated event. We so much love Bella’s ever growing excitement about her date night with daddy, that we may go a little over board… but over the top is my signature style, so it is perfect for us. 

Bella and I spend time shopping for the perfect dress, and it is always a debate whether she wants to dress up like one of her favorite princesses or if she wants to wear a grown up style ball gown. The past two years she has, hands-down-without-a-doubt wanted to go as a princess. The first year she was Belle, from Beauty and the Beast and the second year she went as Elsa from Frozen, but this year she decided to get her own ball gown. We looked for the perfect dress and found this dreamy white number that was just perfect! To add a little something this year we repurposed decorations from my wedding bouquet into Bella’s own little bouquet and made a matching boutonniere for Daddy.

But, the sweetest part of the entire night was the thank you card Bella wrote for her Daddy, “Thank you for taking me to the Daddy Daughter Dance. I love you Daddy. Love, Bella” Oh, how he melted! and I had heart eyes for days… I hope you enjoy taking a scroll through this magical night for my little miss Bella.





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