January 14, 2017

Little Minion 2nd Birthday Party || Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer Based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Birthday’s are a big deal in our family, but this year Pierce’s 2nd birthday fell right in the middle of our move to the UK and it called for some…well, adaptations. Our house was a mess. Quite literally all three stories of our little British townhouse were covered, completely covered in upturned boxes of our household goods waiting to be put away. As Pierce’s birthday approached we worked tirelessly to clear a space for us to celebrate. The only room we managed to clear in time was the kids’ shared bedroom, in fact we were all sharing this bedroom since the rest of the house was still uninhabitable. Oh, it was a mess!

Pierce has been absolutely obsessed with the new Minions movie. And, with being in the UK, and the fact that Pierce behaves like a minion…. it was a perfect fit for our little man’s birthday. Having all of our belongings spread out on the floor around us was sort of like going to a party store. lol. We walked through the house and grabbed anything and everything that worked with our Minion Movie theme. With all the British decor we could find, bananas, and super cute Minion Cake from Sainsbury, we transformed the kids’ bedroom into a party room! The kids made minion faces out of the yellow balloons and we had fun face painting minions on the kids’ faces. We ended with a fantastic balloon fight making Pierce’s 2nd birthday a brilliant bash!

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